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Leonardo DiCaprio Gives $1M to Protect Elephants

Following up on a $3 million grant he made to protect ocean habitats earlier this year, Leonardo DiCaprio has flexed the financial power of his environmental foundation yet again with a $1 million gif…


How to Easily (and Naturally) Remove Label Glue From Glass

I have an assortment of glass bottles and jars that I've been saving and buying up at yard sales over the past month so I can store my homemade limoncello. Some of the jars I've saved had labels affix…


9 Clever Ways to Cut Paper Clutter

Paper clutter poses a challenge for the most organized among us, with seemingly limitless amounts of junk mail arriving daily. Short of going paperless (a great option, if you can pull it off), mana…


Can Licorice and Coconut Oil Prevent Cavities?

I love that so much dental research in recent years has concentrated on less invasive, more preventative dental care. Since the early years of pulling teeth, to our modern fears of the dentist's drill…


A Brief History of April Fools’ Day (& One of the Best Pranks Ever)

Although it's not a national holiday, April Fools' Day is widely recognized as a day to play practical jokes and invent elaborate hoaxes. In other words, it celebrates foolishness. This day of pranks …


Work Stress Now Equals More Hospital Visits Later

Is your job stressing you out?  It may cost you down the road in terms of your health.  A new study has found that mid-life stress at work equates to more illness in old age. The study, from resear…


What Every Busy Gardener Needs: A Shotgun

Shotguns can now create life instead of destroying it, thanks to Flower Shells, ammunition loaded with seeds instead of lead pellets. The shells are standard 12-gauge shotgun ammo that you can load…


Are Headphones Bad for Your Hearing?

Let’s talk a little bit about how headphones came to be in the first place. Headphones were developed in 1910 by Nathaniel Baldwin in Utah. According to Smithsonian magazine, he sold the first pair of…


New Movie ‘Noah’ Refuses Animal Cruelty

And now for something that will be music to animal rights supporters. Darren Aronofsky, director of such award-winning films as "Black Swan" and "The Fountain," has revealed in a new interview that…


Are You a Mosquito Magnet? Blame Your Blood

If you've ever suspected that you are irresistibly attractive to mosquitoes, you might not just be paranoid. Mosquitoes are drawn to all kinds of physical particularities, from smelly feet— which they…


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