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Turn Your Pet into a Diamond

Think taxidermy is the only way to memorialize a deceased pet? Think again. A Chicago-based company can literally turn Fido into a prized jewel. Started as a way to memorialize human family members…


Does Recycling Make You Consume More?

A lot of eco-minded people will avoid purchasing items that they know will end up in the garbage. But do they react in the opposite way when consuming items that can be recycled? That seems to be the …


Politician Apologizes for Saying Bikers Pollute

Now here's an oddity: a Republican who favors a new tax, in this case one on bicycles that cost more than $500. The idea actually came from Democrats in Washington state who proposed a $25 fee on h…


Do Dolphins Name Each Other?

Bottlenose dolphins are famous for making a wide range of high-pitched noises, but they aren't just whistling Dixie — unless one of them happens to be named Dixie, that is. A new study, published t…


Wake Up With Homemade Energy Drinks

Health concerns about the typical energy drink are everywhere, so you may not want to depend on them for energy. After all, not only can they be extremely high in caffeine, but they also tend to be fu…


7 Amazing Images of Snow Art

Nature can be fleeting in its beauty and winter can be particularly ephemeral. Enter Simon Beck, an artist who captures the season’s elusive beauty by carving intricate geometric designs into snowy la…


The Dark Side of Urban Farming

The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary gets weekly calls from people looking for new homes for their roosters, goats and other animals. Founded in 2004 with just a few chickens and a rooster, today the…


Top 10 Electric Cars Most Likely to Succeed

By Jim Motavalli, The crystal ball is still cloudy on electric and plug-in hybrid cars. They're still being made in limited numbers, and delivered to very specific test markets. And h…


How Hurricanes are Named (and Why)

Hurricane Irene was all across the news last week. As with most big hurricanes that threaten land, Irene's human name has become a buzzword throughout her projected path. Millions of people are …


Dental Tips for Pets

By Morieka Johnson, MNN Q: I just dropped a few hundred dollars to get my puppy’s teeth cleaned at the vet and just don’t understand why the procedure costs so much. Our vet also wants us to…


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