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articles by: Kara, selected from Mother Nature Network

Are Black Pets Less Likely to be Adopted?

There are numerous myths about black cats and dogs: Black cats are bad luck. Black dogs are omens of death. Such rumors are rooted in folklore and ancient mythology, but there’s one story you've li…


Cheetah No Longer World’s Fastest Land Animal

The cheetah is most often referred to as the world's fastest land animal — and that's the truth if you're measuring by miles per hour. But that's not really a fair measurement when you take the size o…


Your Dog Likes the Way You Smell

Dogs' noses are thousands of times more sensitive than ours, but what scent will get your dog the most excited? Your scent, according to researchers at Emory University. Gregory Berns, director …


9 Foods That Fight Bad Breath

While savvy Casanovas may know to avoid garlic and raw onions before a hot date, there are other factors beyond pungent foods that contribute to a malodorous mouth. The two key things leading to breat…


Injured Snowy Owl Flies Again With New Feathers

A snowy owl that was hit by a bus in Washington, D.C., is now recovering after having 18 of its feathers replaced. The Arctic-dwelling birds rarely make it as far south as the nation's capital, but…


How to Garden With Allergies

Amanda Tedrow loves to garden, but she has a problem. It’s a common one that many people who share her passion for plants can understand: She has plant allergies. “I’ve gone through formal testing,…


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Johnny Appleseed

Every year on Arbor Day, people worldwide celebrate by planting trees in and around their neighborhoods. But no matter how many trees we all plant this Arbor Day, our efforts will probably pale in com…


The Beautiful Reason You Should Plant Milkweed

Want to do your part to help reverse the dramatic decline in monarch butterflies? Now's your chance: Plant milkweed. Monarchs are dependent on milkweed, especially milkweeds in the genus Asclepias.…


How Pistachio Shells Can Keep You Warm at Night

The pistachio, the cumbersome-to-shell cashew relative that’s great for the heart, filled with antioxidants, and makes for a delightful addition to pesto, is being eyed as a potential heating source f…


How I Finally Got Clear Skin

I've long been a pretty healthy eater: I never ate junk food or fast food growing up, so never developed a taste for it; I love fruits and vegetables and eat plenty of them; I keep hydrated as I work …


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