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4 Herbs to Help Menopause

Spirituality is all well and good, but as soon as physical symptoms come into play, “enlightenment” often seems just a tad less important. Here are four natural herbs that can help make day-to-day lif…


The Side Effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy

By Hanny Roskamp Bioidentical hormones are hot. Oprah Winfrey is already taking them to beat menopause. Suzanne Somers wrote a book about them—Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones—i…


A New Perspective on Menopause

Karen Giblin, president and founder of Red Hot Mamas, on new approaches to menopause. Has the menopausal experience changed through the years? “Absolutely. I came from a generation that witness…


Best & Worst Foods for Menopause Symptoms

Source: Red Hot Mamas via Ode Magazine INSOMNIA AND HEADACHES Studies suggest that eating carbs can increase the release of tryptophan, an amino acid that helps the brain manufacture serotonin, …


4 Real-Life Menopause Experiences

**** Laarni San Juan, 42 Registered nurse, San Francisco, CA “After delivering my first and only child at age 34, I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure. I haven’t had a period since, s…


Menopause is a Wake-Up Call

By Babette Dunkelgrun Interview with Christiane Northrup (above), author of The Wisdom of Menopause, on the psychological meaning of menopause How do you define menopause? “It’s a rebirth of …


The Emotional Challenges of Menopause

By Lisette Thooft She woke up one morning and her libido was gone, Hanny Roskamp writes in her uplifting account of menopause (See: The Meaning of Menopause). To her surprise, she discovered she di…


The Meaning of Menopause

By Hanny Roskamp I’m 48 now. A year and half ago, I could still say I was “approaching menopause.” But a year ago, the first hot flashes presented themselves, in series of 20 or 30 a day. Menopause…


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