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articles by: Veronica, selected from Ode magazine

The Incredible Magic of Mushrooms

By Linda Baker Once you have heard "renaissance mycologist" Paul Stamets talk about mushrooms, you will never look at the world--not to mention your backyard--in the same way again. The author …


The Spirituality of Sex

By Jurriaan Kamp and Tijn Touber During the 10th and 11th centuries in the Indian town of Khajuraho a remarkable series of "sex temples" was built. Temples with the most explicit images of erot…


Exercise Your Eyes Back to Health

By Jacob Liberman, Have you been diagnosed with progressive myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism (the asymmetric curvature of the cornea) or presbyopia (far…


The Hidden Spirituality of Men

By Matthew Fox, Ode Magazine I know of a renowned scientist who has a large sweat lodge in his backyard where he and his wife do regular sweats led by Native Americans. They even know the anci…


Around the World on Zero Carbon a Day

Itís a bird, itís a plane, itís Ö Hy-Bird! The race to fly a ďgreenĒ plane around the world is on, and French company Lisa Airplanes says its zero-carbon Hy-Bird aircraft will make the trip as early a…


Reasons To Be Cheerful

Everybody knows green is the new black--not just as a trend but as a business measure. Companies that want to stay profitable need to embrace environmental innovations to draw eco-savvy customers. But…


Avoid Mental Toxins for 2009

Intelligent optimists are generally health conscious people who know how to take care of themselves and their families. All of us probably realize that what you put IN your body is very important. So …

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5 Ways to Change Your Relationship to Money

It's not just investment bankers who've been hit hard by the financial crisis. Millions of regular people have seen huge holes blown into their personal savings, education funds and retirement plans. …


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Great article! Didn't really think about this.

maybe im just a Very Bad Cook,could never get mine into veggies;mashed peas went down best

It usually takes me at least a week to adjust, whether "springing" forward or "falling" back. I see…

"I do not think that money is key to happiness. Having fun with friends and family, and doing everyt…