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articles by: Robyn Lawrence

10 Tips for Controlling Clutter

"It's not the tragedies that kill us, it's the messes." --Dorothy Parker Modern Americans face more choices in one trip to the grocery store than our grandparents faced in their entire lifetimes. A…


True Beauty: Cosmetics Companies Ban Chemicals, Disclose Ingredients

Natural cosmetics, free of the most harmful chemicals, are the fastest growing segment of the $50 billion cosmetics industry, according to a report released today by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. T…


Give Like a Rock Star: Celebs’ Favorite Charities

Here we go. The Black Friday emails are flooding our inboxes; everyone wants us to spend money on holiday gifts. I love the spirit of giving, but I donít love supporting companies and products that do…


11/11/11: One Love Anniversary

Itís November 12, and Iím not on my honeymoon. For the past three years, until this August, Iíd planned to get married yesterday, on 11/11/11.† Eleven has been my lucky number since I landed on squ…


“The Big Chill” Meets “The Big C”

It was spontaneous because thatís how Jenny does things. She starts chemo again next month, and her fiftieth birthday is in June. Ten days ago she decided that sheís not certain how sheíll feel when t…


DIY Hard Cider–Not Hard to Make!

When I was a kid, fall meant a trip to the apple orchard and all the fun with apples that ensued (caramel apples, pie, maybe some bobbing games). As kids, we were intrigued with my dadís ritual of tur…


How to Find Honest Milk

When my kids and I spent two weeks on an organic farm in Costa Rica last month, we learned what real milk--fresh from the cow and flash pasteurized on the spot--tastes like. Now home again, we just ca…


5 Humane Ways to Get Rid of Mice

Itís the time of year when my house starts to fill up with unwanted guests. Because I live on the edge of a big open space, the field mice naturally gravitate to my nice warm walls as the weather gets…


Plant Garlic Now: 5 Tips for Bumper Crops

Garlic always gets a space in my tiny garden because I rarely cook without it (even my favorite ice cream recipe calls for it), and I like planting things in the fall. When Iíve lost much of my garden…


Have 5 Minutes? You Have Time to Make Bread

It's time to make bread. My little townhouse heats up quickly, so I rarely--maybe never--bake in summer (unless itís pie). Come September, I'm ready for the comforting smell of warm bread in late a…


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Robyn Griggs Lawrence is editor-in-chief of Organic Spa Magazine, an eco-lifestyle magazine that bridges spa wisdom with green living. Through print, online and phone apps, Organic Spa Magazine offers expert advice and inspiration on sustainable health and wellness, beauty and skin care, fashion and travel. 

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