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Go Nuts for Heart Health

By Katie Leavitt, Tonic As if we need more reason to munch on a handful of tasty nuts, there is now evidence that eating them each day can help prevent heart disease by lowering cholesterol. Th…


Help Stop the Faroe Island Dolphin Drive

By Darragh Worland, Tonic For years, a graphic email petition featuring several stomach-churning photos of dolphins and small whales being slaughtered in an island cove has been making the ro…


Bird Takes Mass Transit (Video)

By Lauren Le Vine, Tonic Sure, they annoy us greatly when they stand in our way on the sidewalk (and don't get us started on the "presents" with which they "decorate" the city and our air-conditi…


Acupuncture Study Shows Scientific Reason for Effectiveness

By Katie Leavitt, Tonic There are many people who remain skeptical of therapies that lie outside the realm of scientifically sound western medicine. A study published Sunday in the journal Nature…


Dalai Lama Inspires Research on Happiness

By Katie Leavitt, Tonic Why do scientists tend to focus on the negative, studying depression, anxiety and fear? What would happen if they spent more time looking at the positive, trying to unders…


Help Give Dairy Cows a Second Chance at Life

By Mark Dagostino, Tonic In recent weeks, animal lover Ellen DeGeneres has been trying to bring attention to a deplorable situation: Dozens of black-and-white cows, many of them pregnant and sic…


Lonely Meerkat Finds Love Online

By Monique Jessen, Tonic When an arranged marriage fell through, Lilly the meerkat faced an uncertain and lonely future. But her keepers were determined to find her a suitable mate. Step forward …


How Nature is Helping Clean Up the Oil Spill

By David Bois, Tonic As news reports have indicated, the initial efforts to contain and capture oil issuing from the still leaking well at the site of last month's Deepwater Horizon disaster ha…


The Secret to a Long Life

By Katherine Gustafson, Tonic Explorer and author Dan Buettner and his team of researchers have discovered the secret to a longer life. You'd think a story like that would be front page news, but…


10 Signs You’re Falling in Love

By Annie Scott, Tonic For whatever reason, our bodies seem to be programmed to fall in love when the weather is warm and everything outside is in full bloom. Whether your feelings are requited or …


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Very interesting article! Thanks for sharing!!

Thanks for sharing.

Funny - I had the Biorhythm calculator and loved it. Used it to help manage my sales staff of 12 fol…

I use groveda solutions hair growth serum and my hair grows at least 1 inch a month. And it's fuller…

Thank you this just happened to a friend of mine who lost a very handsome black lab.