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80% of Sunscreens Are Ineffective and Harmful, According to New Guide

Your sunscreen is probably worthless, harmful, or both, as only 21% of the 1,700 sunscreen products analyzed by EWG were found to be both effective and safe. Before you head out into the sun for the …


Your Raw Almonds Probably Aren’t Raw

Since 2007, every commercially grown almond from California – which means every almond grown commercially in the United States since they all come from the Golden State – has been heat-pasteurized or …


Top 10 New Species for 2015

From a cartwheeling spider and a bird-like dinosaur to a fish that makes beautiful circles on the seafloor, these curious creatures made the annual list created by an international committee of taxono…


3-D Printing Gives Sea Turtle New Jaw

We've seen the miracles that 3D printing has brought to the medical field, but a large proportion of 3D printing medical interventions are happening in animals. The technology works so well in these …


Why it Rains Spiders in This Australian Town

Providing nightmare fodder for arachnophobes everywhere, millions of spiders floated down from the sky recently in a phenomenon known as "spider rain." Pity the poor spider-fearing souls with the mis…


What Does Your Handshake Say About Your Health?

A lot, apparently, and researchers say grip strength could become a simple and inexpensive test to measure health risks. What if costly, wasteful medical tests could be replaced with a simple assessm…


13 Amazing and Critically Endangered Frogs

Today is Endangered Species Day, an event organized by a number of conservation groups to raise awareness about the many species that are in real danger of becoming extinct. In honor of this day, I wa…


6 Simple Exercises Proven to Reduce Snoring

Pity the bedmate who sleeps with a chronic snorer. Pity the chronic snorer who suffers exhausted resentment from their underslept bedmate. Snoring is no picnic, yet surprisingly, there is no standard …


15 Insects You Can Eat

Not being much of an eater of things with legs in the first place, partaking of those from the creepy-crawly family of edibles doesn’t hold much appeal to me personally. But I might be in the minority…


What Nanoparticles Might be Doing to You

Researchers have come to some disconcerting conclusions while investigating the health effects of nanoparticles at levels that could be present in foods, consumer goods, and treated drinking water. …


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