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Fetal Exposure to BPA Linked to Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths among men in the United States. According to the National Cancer Institute, 15 percent of U.S. men will be diagnosed with prostate …


6 Reasons to Eat Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts deserve to be featured on dinner plates more often than they usually are. The unfortunate fate of many Brussels sprouts is overcooking, which is why so many people have unpleasant chi…


Is Salting the Roads Harmful to the Environment?

This is a common scene in the Northern states and Canada, the salt truck spreading rock salt on the roads. According to Slate, more than 20 million tons of the stuff is spread each year, 13 times more…


How to Eat Bugs: A Mealworm Muffin Recipe

When Rachael Young was a kid, the produce on her dinner plate came from her father's garden. She was a stickler for looking over the greens to remove the hidden critters from her food. She didn't want…


Toxic Chemicals in Popular Children’s Clothing Brands

It’s the kind of deal you don’t want to score while out shopping for your kids – a cute, new shirt that comes with a host of invisible “little monsters” clinging to it. Greenpeace coined this phrase t…


More U.S. Shoppers Demand Natural Food Flavors & Colors

Artificial flavors and colors are becoming less acceptable to American consumers. Nearly one quarter of U.S. shoppers reported checking food labels in 2013 in order to avoid buying products contai…


Orange Juice May Not Be as Healthy As You Think

Why does drinking juice seem to go hand-in-hand with childhood? Ever since I became a parent, I’ve noticed that orange juice is everywhere that children are – play groups, nursery schools, birthday pa…


5 Foods to Stop Eating If You Care About the Environment

The Sierra Club has put together a list of “The 5 Worst Foods for Environmentalists to Eat.” For many of you TreeHugger readers, this list probably doesn’t hold many surprises, but it is still an impo…


Why You Should Only Buy Fair-Trade Chocolate On Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many people will be reaching for chocolate. With its creamy, addictive taste, chocolate has long been associated with romance. And yet, this seductive sweet has…


Your Water Footprint Is Probably Bigger Than You Think

It’s common to think about water consumption in terms of how long you’re in the shower, how often you run the dishwasher, whether you left the sprinkler on, or someone forgot to turn off the tap. But …


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