Autumn Body Polish Formula

The holidays are just around the corner and sometimes that means bare shoulders and lowered necklines, as well as bare arms. But the cooler weather often causes dry, lifeless-looking skin. Well here is an easy two-ingredient formula designed to add glow and sheen to your skin by giving it the nourishment it needs–and applying a little gentle alpha-hydroxy magic. The formula smells lovely, too.

Find out how to polish your skin beautifully, here:


1/8 cup finely ground sunflower seed meal (try using a coffee grinder)
1/8 cup applesauce

1. Mix ingredients into a paste, then apply with gentle circular motions into your face, throat, chest, arms and legs.

2. Allow formula to remain on skin for 10 minutes so the sunflower oils can be released and your thirsty skin can absorb them.

3. Rinse with warm water and gently pat dry.

Makes enough for one application.

Inspired by 50 Simple Ways to Pamper Yourself, by Stephanie Tourles (Storey Books, 1999).


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