Avoid the ‘Toxic Trio’ with Natural Nail Polish

by Abra Pappa for Nutritious America

Do you love perfectly manicured fingers and toes? Are you hip to the newest trends inánail color? Are you a “tried-shellac-and-won’t-go-back” kind of girl? I too take pleasureáin a little digit pampering and feel girly and put together when my toes are painted toáperfection. Unfortunately, in my quest to live a natural green life I can’t seem to ignoreáthe toxic fumes when I walk into the nail salon, or question what it is exactly that I amácoloring my fingers and toes with.

One thing is sure, we live in a toxic world. It seems everywhere you turn there is aánew chemical to avoid and a new toxin to watch out for. Our beauty regime is notáspared. What we put on our bodies is just as important as we put in our bodies. Patchámedications have proven that what we put on our skin enters into our bloodstream. Because of this, we do need to be more conscious of the lotions, potions, and polishesáthat are part of our beautifying regime.

Yes, even polishes are suspect. As it turns out, our nails are quite porous and our bodies absorb what is put on them. Additionally, there is bloodáflow right under the nail beds which means a direct pathway for chemicals to traveláinto our bloodstream. The chemicals found in the majority of nail polish are quite toxic, containing what’s referred to as the “toxic trio” – TolueneDibutyl Phthalate (DBP), andáFormaldehyde. Thisátrio of chemicals is known to be extremelyádangerous to the human body.

Does this mean you have to forgo your weekly mani/pedi pampering session? No way,áthanks to a growing market of natural polishes we can stay beautiful and toxin-free!

Here are my top three natural nail polish brands and the colors that I think rock!

Honeybee Gardens Non PeeláOff Polish – A water-based polish free from harmful chemicals and nasty fumes.áHoneybee polish comes in an array of fun colors. My color pick is “Hippy Chick” – aágorgeous matte lavender. The best feature of honeybee polish is the no-fuss removal. You don’t have to reach for the toxic (yet again) nail polish remover; instead you can use rubbingáalcohol or even vodka to get this stuff off. Honeybee also makes a wonderful polisháremover full of essential oils for nail and cuticle health.

KarmaáOrganic – Free of the toxic trio, Karma Organic nail polish is safe for pregnantáwomen, children, and cancer patients. Their polish is chip-resistant and durable. I amámadly and deeply in love with color “Femme Fatale,” a rich, seductive, green-blue thatáwill have all your friends green with envy.

Scotch Naturals – Aáwater-based formula that is eco-friendly, vegan, gluten-free, free of the toxic trio, andáhigh salon quality. I am seriously crushing over the “To Hell with Swords and Garter”áseductive scarlet creme color.

Next time you go for a mani-pedi with the girls, bring along your own toxic free shadesáand bask in the glow of glorious green living.

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Jo S.
Jo S1 years ago

Thank you Brandi.

Tara W.
Tara W3 years ago

I will look for these brands, thanks.

Julie Botsch
Julie Botsch3 years ago

Thank You! ...also try PEACEKEEPER: CAUSE-METICS! The products are completely organic. Plus, ALL proceeds go towards women's charities, women's health advocacy, and/or urgent human rights issues.


Melania Padilla
Melania P4 years ago

Never use nail polish, but good to know. Sharing

Duane B.
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Thank you for sharing.

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Susan A.
Susan A4 years ago

My Nurse Practitioner told me years ago that nail polish was toxic, and I stopped ever having them done; so thanks for the info on non toxic choices!!

Joe R.
Joe R4 years ago

Nice ad.

Heidi H.
Past Member 4 years ago

I hope to find these brands. Thank you.

Janine Kaczynski
janine Kaczynski4 years ago

I'm looking for that one cause I don't want anybody to look at my toes in yoga class and say, "OMB! Look at that girls gnarley toes (although I shouldn't be thinking such thoughts)."