Baby Spits Food Into Dog’s Mouth (Video)

This is a really gross way to play fetch. But hey, the baby and dog are having a blast! Hopefully the mom didn’t let this become a habit, but this moment of discovery is so innocent and funny, we just have to laugh.

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Janice Thompson
Janice Thompsonabout a year ago

The baby has had enough...

Nimue P.
Nimue Pendragonabout a year ago

I hear you, Diane :)

Diane L.
Diane L.about a year ago

I so agree, Nimue. I can't imagine the logic going on (or rather, NOT going on) in the parent's head to not only videotape this, but to share it online for all to see about her lack of parenting skills. Many toddlers behave this way, or TRY to, but a responsible parent discourages it, not advertise it. Some toddlers take their diapers off and play with the contents inside. Why not videotape that as well? It's funny, right?

Alan Lambert
Alan` Lambertabout a year ago

Weird but oddly funny

Nimue P.
Nimue Pendragonabout a year ago

Not funny.

Nimue P.
Nimue Pendragonabout a year ago

Not funny.

Henriette Matthijssen
Henriette Matthijssenabout a year ago

I think this is very disrespectful on the child part & the mother, teach your kid manners at an early age, poor dog seemed hungry, feed the dog properly that he does not have to eat spit out food from a spoil brat! I was not impressed one bit!

tiffany t.
tiffany t.about a year ago

growth and development is exploring, bonding, learning, having fun, and I doubt the dog will be sitting in a restaurant.

Latonya W.
Latonya W.about a year ago


Rhonda B.
Rhonda B.1 years ago