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Top 3 Health Benefits of Pumpkin for Dogs and Cats

Your dog or cat may be curious about the pumpkins sitting on your front porch. It's already Halloween, and your pumpkin may be beautifully carved, but might also be collecting bacteria. While it's bes…


Super Simple and Delicious Black Bean Chili

This yummy black bean chili is perfect for a cold autumn or winter evening, but itís so good youíll probably want to enjoy it in every season.† Itís simple to make.† I add the dried beans to a slow co…


9 Pantry Items That Make Cooking a Lot Easier

1. Olive Oil Getting food on the table is a whole lot easier if you have a well-stocked pantry. When it comes to shopping for pantry ingredients, I've learned that variety does not matter as much a…


22 Fun Facts About Apples

Itís not autumn for me until Iíve gone apple picking. One of my favorite fall hobbies, I love the smell of the orchard and the brilliant red fruits ripe on the lush green trees. I grew up in an area r…


9 Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

Not only are sweet potatoes readily available, inexpensive, and delicious, they have many other benefits for your health. Here are 9: 1.† They are high in vitamin B6.† Vitamin B6 helps reduce the c…


7 Spices to Spice Up Your Vegetables on World Vegetarian Day

If your vegetarian cooking is "bland," "boring," and "blah," there's probably one very good reason: you're not using enough spices to add zing, punch and zip. On World Vegetarian Day (October 1), Meat…


Finding the Right Vegan Cheese

Okay, so youíve decided to ditch dairy. Good for you! Your body will thank you in a myriad of ways, not to mention your conscience. Believe it or not, giving up dairy products is one of the very best …


17 Tomato Recipes You Will Love

Whether you're struggling to keep up with your garden's mad rush to the finish or just looking for new ways to enjoy the beautiful, late summer tomatoes at the farmers' market, a little inspiration is…


Quinoa-Stuffed Sweet Peppers with Corn, Spinach, Feta & Herbs

Although stuffed peppers may sound like hearty wintertime comfort food, summertime - when sweet peppers are fresh and flavorful - is a perfect time to make this light, healthy version. This re…


7 Summer Fruits You Can Freeze for Winter Fun

Isn't the best thing about summer all the incredible fresh fruit everywhere? Isn't the worst thing about summer that the fresh fruit is gone so fast? Not anymore! I've recently discovered how ea…


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Though I understand why this mother feels the way she does, I don't think petitioning Disney is the …

I wish that every one has the right to die without massive pain, Dr. K. only cared about people who…

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