Bathroom: Low-Tech Toilet Roll Holders

Lacking a toilet roll holder? Here are some creative, low-tech solutions to solve the loo paper placement conundrum, all using common household and flea market finds.

Above: Two approaches to low-tech toilet paper storage.

Above: A vintage soap dish holder works well as a toilet roll holder; image via Lonny.

Above: Toilet paper suspended from a loop of rope, slung over a ladder.

Above: Spotted in the bathroom at Dosa 818 in Los Angeles, toilet paper in a clay bowl filled with small pebbles.

For more clever ways to place this overlooked household utility, visit Remodelista’s post on the topic: More Toilet Paper Holders.

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Tanya W.
Tanya W.3 years ago

Neat thanks.

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Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

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Lydia Price

I liked the soap dish idea...and I loved the comment by Gloria H.! CUTE!

Marie W.
Marie W.3 years ago

Japan has the hi tech ones.

Edvanir L.
Edvanir L.3 years ago

Good ideas!

Molly S.
Molly S.3 years ago

Stupid title, are there high tech holders?

Donna Hamilton
Donna Hamilton3 years ago

Thanks for the ideas.