Be Happy, Use These Appliances

Everywhere you turn these days you are urged to reduce your energy consumption to fight global warming. We are all for this. But we also wanted the list of appliances NOT to worry about, or feel guilty about. Sometimes we just want to just use our bread maker in peace. As a result, here is a list of appliances with low annual power use:

Appliances with An Average Annual Power Use Under 100 kWh

Note that, as in the case of a food processor, for example, the reason the annual power use is low is because on average most people donít use the appliance very often. If you use any of these appliances a great deal, such as if you are a seamstress and you use your sewing machine eight hours a day, this list isnít relevant.

Answering machine
Aquarium light
Battery Charger
Bread Maker
Bug Zapper
Clock – Digital alarm radio
Clothes dryer – gas
Clothes washer – top loader
Clothes washer – front loader
Coffee Grinder
Computer – laptop
Computer – laptop on standby
Computer printer – inkjet
Computer printer – laser
Computer scanner, with light on
Crock pot
DVD player
Electric fence
Fax machine (in standby or in use)
Food processor
Garage door opener
Garbage disposal
Hair curler
Hair dryer
Heat lamp
Oil burner motor
Knife, electric
Mixer, hand held
Oven, gas, glowplugs only
Popcorn popper – hot air
Popcorn popper – oil
Radio/tape player
Sewing machine
Telephone, cell
Telephone, cordless, with or without answering machine
Toaster, 2 slice
Toaster oven
Trash compactor
Vaporizer – cold air
VCR (on and on standby)

Inspired by The Home Energy Diet, by Paul Scheckel (New Society Publishers, 2005).


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Interesting article but I'm using the many that are on the list ...Happily!

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Thank you for sharing!

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Good to know.Thanks for sharing

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Thank you for sharing. Today we are trying to be cautious about our energy usage - so thanks again for giving us the 'o.k.-list' - I certainly use many of the items.

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