Calculate Your Biorhythms

In every life, there are ups and downs. But what if you could plan for them? Calculating your biorhythms could help you do just that. Enter your birthdate and learn about your biorhythmic state today.


CareTwo Support
CareTwo Support9 months ago

Hello all..The BioRhythm generator has been discontinued and is no longer active. Please update your bookmarks as this page will no longer be updated. Thank you for taking part!!

Albert R.
Albert R.9 months ago

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Jo S.
Jo S.about a year ago

Why doesn't this work anymore?

Jamie Krover
Past Member about a year ago

Nice conversation

Betty Riegel
Betty Riegel1 years ago

Why is there no longer a biorhythm chart?

Bob L.
Bob L.1 years ago

Funny - I had the Biorhythm calculator and loved it. Used it to help manage my sales staff of 12 folks who all became believers. Love to find out if we could redevelop this?

It was very handy...

Cori na
Cori na1 years ago

You all know that biorhythms are a PSEUDOSCIENCE correct? This means that they have no scientific backing and are considered to be false and inaccurate. You control your own life and yourself. Don't let a random chart of sine waves make you think you are expected to be at an emotional/physical/intellectual low tomorrow, next week, or what have you.

Nancy G.
Nan G.2 years ago

Good grief , this is so off target I'd bet the farm on it !

Robert Goldring
Robert Goldring2 years ago

Did anyone else get an increase in emotional and a drop in Intellectual and physical?

Petro R.
Petro R.2 years ago

by the way, you can have your biorhythms always with yourself: