Giant Salad Towers Inspired by Pizza Hut Buffet

If you’re at an all-you-can-eat buffet, you know there is little sense in piling your plate up with salad, potatoes, and breadsticks. Instead, it’s easier to make multiple trips between your table and the buffet line, as you donít have to balance an ungainly platter, and you can even work off a small fraction of the calories you pack in.

However, if it is simply a buffet line, and not one with the all-you-can-eat persuasion, then you may have to get creative and go architectural, namely vertical.

Some buffet restaurants honor only one trip through the buffet line, and provide such small plates that getting a real meal would be a feat of engineering. Well, some Chinese patrons in Mainland China have found a way to beat the system through ingenuity as well as a bit of structural engineering to get the absolute most out of their visit.

Meet: Giant salad towers.

Like any builder, these salad engineers supply a sturdy structural foundation (in this case carrots, cucumbers, or croutons will do) and they build up. The results are as equally hilarious as they are awe-inspiring. Most of these creations were achieved at area Pizza Huts that have a strict one-plate per customer rule (this has since been altered because of such abuse) and such notable acts became almost competitive sports among the hungry and the subversive. You have to admire the creativity some people employ to feed a hungry family.

What are your thoughts on such food sculptures? Disgusting or enchanting? Ethical or unscrupulous?

Image credits: via LabaQ

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