Daily Cute: Bobcat Kittens Adopted by House Cat

Sometimes, rescuing kitten is a team effort. Watch this kitty lovingly adopt adorable bobcat kittens.

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Jim Ven
Jim Ven6 days ago

thanks for sharing.

Dennis Hall
Dennis Hall24 days ago

Thank you

Nathan D.
Nathan D.26 days ago

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. What a lovely mother cat to adopt another's kittens. God bless Big Cat Rescue for making this love story possible.

Janet B.
Janet B.26 days ago


Ulane V.
Ulane V.27 days ago

So cute kittens and a great mum. Lucky for them that the vet took action to get them to the Big Cat Rescue.

Fi T.
Fi T.29 days ago

We are adopted by our cats

Jacklyn Walker
Jacklyn Walkerabout a month ago

Cute as a kitten - smile

tanya r.
tanya r.about a month ago


Leo Custer
Leo Custerabout a month ago

thank you for the info!

Janet B.
Janet B.about a month ago