Body Scrub for Bathing Suit Skin

Ah, bathing suits! They sure do have a tendency to expose us and, unfortunately, we are not all blessed with smooth, clear skin. Thatís why this formula is such a find: its gentle exfoliating and antibacterial action make it great for getting rid of acne and other bumps and flaws, leaving us with bathing-suit-worthy skin.

It only takes two ingredients: one helps to gently remove dead skin cells, and the other is anti-inflammatory. Both fight bacteria. Soothe your skin and leave it silky and clear with this simple formula:


1/2 cup sea salt
2 teaspoons ground calendula flowers

1. Get yourself wet in the tub or shower. Scoop some of the formula up with your hand and rub the formula gently over your body, concentrating on problem areas.

2. Rinse well.

By Annie B. Bond


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