Breast Cancer Detection: Get a Mammogram!

Breast cancer is scary. One day I hope it will be preventable. But for now, the most important thing a woman can do is to get regular breast exams and after age 40, annual mammograms so if it is present, it can be detected early. The earlier it’s found, the better a woman’s chances for successful treatment.

A mammogram is a low-dose x-ray exam of the breasts that can find abnormal changes in breast tissue that cannot be felt during a breast exam. It is used for women who have no breast complaints and for women who have breast symptoms, such as a change in the shape or size of a breast, a lump, nipple discharge, or pain.

Not every breast cancer can be found on a mammogram. One type in particular is called Inflammatory Breast Cancer. There are no lumps or bumps; just an inflamed, warm, swollen breast. IBC requires a biopsy to make the diagnosis. But breast exams and mammograms help find most types of breast cancer.

Protect your breasts. Let your doctor check them and get a mammogram.

Listen to the Mammogram Song and Video to learn more and visit for more information on women’s health and menopause. You can also download the Mammogram Song and other women’s health tunes.

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Women know their own bodies best. Self examination is of great importance.

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Yes! please get a mammogram if you have small problems in your breast is easy to fix it and through the mammograms a doctor can see that small problems