Build Your Own Recycled Pallet Compost Bin

Do you want to limit the amount of trash you produce and help make your backyard soil healthy and productive? One of the easiest solutions to these problems is to compost your food waste. It requires little personal energy, and you will benefit from the rich compost that’s created from the breakdown of your kitchen scraps.

The only thing you really need to do is create a suitable bin for your soon-to-be compost. There are alternatives to the overpriced, plastic compost containers that some garden supply stores sell to customers. You can make your own bin using recycled shipping pallets for less than 20 dollars, or even free if you have some of the few necessary supplies.

Why to build with shipping pallets?

-Approximately 40 percent of all hardwood harvested in the U.S. is used for making shipping pallets.
-About two-thirds of pallets are used only once before being thrown out.
-1/4 of all wood in landfills is from used pallets.

Why not put some of those shipping pallets headed to the landfill to good use? You can easily find shipping pallets around your town or city; try contacting supermarkets, warehouses, and other businesses that regularly receive large shipments.

Click on either of the links below to find instructions for building a recycled pallet compost bin, or scroll down to the minute-long video from, which suggests an easy and quick way to build a bin using pallets and wire hanger.

How to build a $15 shipping pallet compost bin
Pallet compost bin


Scraps suitable for composting include fruit and vegetable matter, egg shells, coffee grinds, tea bags, and most food scraps (except meat products, which can attract unwanted critters).

Happy composting!

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By Brian Liloia, Green Options


susan k.
susan k4 years ago

This is great , I am looking for the pallets and change over my present compost set up . thanks !

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Grazie per la condivisione.

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Good article. Thanks.

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Thanks for sharing! Will start looking for shipping pallets!

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Thanks for sharing! Will start looking for shipping pallets!

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Billie Hefferon7 years ago

I know nothing about composting. I'm concerned about the attraction of bugs and the smell. I'm sure my neighbors would complain about that. Any comments???

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We’re going to put one of these together with the Dirt to Dinner kids next weekend. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Thanks for sharing the ideas.
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