Bunnies Play In Snow (video)

Button and Thumper are Mini Lops rabbits that love the snow. They even lived outside year-round until they were 9 years old.

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.2 years ago

cute bunny,thank you for sharing

Magdika Cecilia Perez
Magdika Perez2 years ago

love this thank you

Gloria picchetti
Gloria picchetti2 years ago

They are cute bunnies.

Terry V.
Terry V.2 years ago

I watch wild rabbits play in the snow

JL A.2 years ago


Jane Fox
Jane Fox2 years ago

I dont call being thrown into the snow playing

Richard Moore
Richard Moore2 years ago

They are so cute :). They look like my bunnies... btw, thanks for writing an article about another pet, not just dogs and cats. We don't all have dogs or cats and we don't all consider the rabbits pests. IMHO, they are the BEST house pets!

Sue T.
Susan T.2 years ago

they got thrown into the snow and pushed into doing what they did. I don't really care but these bunnies are not playing in the snow, their owners are forcing them to do this.

Mary Alexander
Mary Alexander2 years ago

Cute, I didn't know that they loved snow. Very interesting.

Teresa Wlosowicz
Teresa W.2 years ago

extremely cute