Calming Aromatherapy Spray Formula

This easy-to-make formula is based on centuries-old aromatherapy wisdom that reduces anxiety and apprehension.

After all, we can all use a little more calm and reassurance from time to time–and this spray smells simply divine!

According to aromatherapy wisdom, Lavender is one of the most comforting oils, often used for anxiety in those who feel oppressed or emotionally confused, or feel they don’t know where to turn.

Palmarosa nourishes heart energy and has a cooling, calming, supportive effect. It alleviates fear and insecurity.

Jasmine combines a calming effect with a distinctly upliting one and is especially useful for anxiety when it alternates with feelings of depression.

Geranium calms nervous anxiety and alleviates insecurity.

1. Place one cup of water in a spray bottle, and add the following pure essential oils:

3 drops lavender
2 drops palmarosa
2 drops jasmine
1 drop geranium

2. Shake well and spray upward toward the center of the room, or onto any non-staining surface.

Adapted from Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit, by Gabriel Mojay (Inner Traditions, 1997). Copyright (c) 1997 by Gabriel Mojay. Reprinted by permission of Inner Traditions.
Adapted from Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit, by Gabriel Mojay (Inner Traditions, 1997).


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