Cat Literally Let Out of The Bag. Dog is Shocked (Video)

Cats have a not-so-secret love for boxes, bags and pretty much any household item they can play hide and seek in. This is news to this pup, who is no Scooby-Doo judging by his hilarious leap of surprise.

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Carrie-Anne Brown
Carrie-Anne Brown9 months ago

thanks for sharing :)

Magdalena J.
Magdalena C.9 months ago

Thank you!

Magdalena J.
Magdalena C.about a year ago

Thank you!

Jayasri Amma
Jayasri Ammaabout a year ago

Thank you!

Debbie Crowe
Debbie Croweabout a year ago

Poor puppy dog! That big ole cat scared him (LOL)!!


That was funny thanks.

Lynn Squance
Lynn Squance1 years ago

Very funny! Do we call the puppy a "fraidy cat"?

John W.
.1 years ago

That was so funny!

dee j.
dee j.1 years ago

saw that coming :-)

Nicki Chris Alexander
Past Member 1 years ago

cute..thank you for sharing