Cat Saved From Fire Thanks to Pet Oxygen Mask

Fire fighters who responded recently to a house ablaze in South Bend, Indiana learned there was a kitty named “Little” inside the burning building. Fortunately, the fire fighters had a few pet oxygen masks (not all fire departments have them) and dashed inside to find Little.

Firemen Troy Platz and Ken Knoell located the black and white cat cowering in a corner and immediately put on the life-saving mask while rushing him back outside.

When Little’s owner, Jocelyn Wallace, saw her beloved cat she ran toward him with her arms outstretched and when Little saw Jocelyn, he did the same. To see the photos that captured their emotional reunion visit the the South Bend Tribune.

After peeking at these moving photos, consider calling your local fire department to see if they have pet oxygen masks for our four-legged friends — or signing this Care2 petition. As noted above, not all fire departments have them. If your fire department is lacking this pet-friendly equipment consider holding a fundraiser to get these life-saving masks in the hands of your first responders.

And let’s not forget to give THREE CHEERS to the firefighters in our communities for all of the incredible and selfless work they do time and time again for those of us in need — pets included.

Disaster Preparation for Pets


John Wesen
Past Member 3 years ago

I love a happy ending! ^_^

Camilla Vaga
Camilla Vaga3 years ago

awesome, it warms my heart that some people care about animals

greenplanet e.
greenplanet e3 years ago

Nice to hear.

Vicky P.
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Carrie-Anne Brown

signed, thanks for sharing :)

Jonathan Harper
Jonathan Harper3 years ago


Sarah W.
Sarah W3 years ago


Jacqueline Fonseca

So touching! Thank you for the heads up on this, I never even thought. Even when I have stickers to let fire fighters know how many furry babies I have in case of an emergency....

Sumit jamadar
Sumit jamadar3 years ago


William & Katri D.
Katie and Bill D3 years ago

Never heard of this!
We do have a notice on the front door telling how many animals just in case!
Good firemen here!
Thank You