Cat vs. iPad (Funny video!)

Chasing mice, chasing string, even chasing their tails – we all know how playful cats can be! (And how purrrfectly amusing it can be to watch them!) So how about a cat playing with an iPad? Or better yet, playing piano on an iPad?

Given our love of cats at Care2, and the current fascination with the iPad, we couldn’t resist sharing this video: Iggy vs. the iPad. Enjoy!

Hmmm, maybe this answers Sustainable Dave’s question: Does anyone really need an iPad??

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Pat W.
Pat W.3 years ago

what we don't do to entertain our critters!

Claudia Moreno
Claudia Moreno3 years ago

For the weeks question: Why buy an ipad? there you have your answer!!!!

LMj Sunshine

Cute, thank you for sharing!

LMj Sunshine

Cute, thank you for sharing!

LMj Sunshine

Cute, thank you for sharing!

Danuta Watola
Danuta Watola4 years ago


Teresa Cowley
Teresa Cowley4 years ago

Isn't technology great? Cute kitties.

Jutta N.
Past Member 4 years ago

Cat may scratch the screen. Better is giving him a real toy.

Elvina Andersson
Elvina A.4 years ago

No, noone really need an ipad. This kitty playing with it is really cute though but he would of been just as sweet playing with a toy rat.

Sheri Bender-Schongold
Sheri Schongold5 years ago

Absolutely adorable. Maybe we should take lessons on using the iPad from the kitten.