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What is the Best Pet for Your Golden Years?

Pets in our care give us a sense of responsibility—something to care for daily and something to touch physically and emotionally. It is not uncommon for seniors to feel isolated and alone. Pets often …


A Warning to Pet Owners Who Use E-Cigarettes

As electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are becoming more popular, exposures to animals are increasing as the types of exposures have changed. E-cigarettes were first marketed in 2007 and have been…


Daily Cute: Does Your Cat Like Hugs?

Cats are notoriously finicky about cuddles and hugs. Some jump into your lap ten seconds before you decide to stand up and others want to stay in your arms all day. All cats need love, just on their o…


6 Easy Ways to Help Shelter Dogs and Cats

According to the ASPCA, 7.6 million companion animals enter the shelter system in the U.S. yearly. Approximately 3.9 million of those are dogs and 3.4 million are cats. Each year, 1.2 million dogs and…


Daily Cute: Jurassic Meow!

What movie did this kitty see this weekend? It will be pretty easy to tell as soon as she opens her extremely ferocious mouth. div.image_share ul.care2_blog_sidebar { display: none; } Related D…


Hemangiosarcoma: The Deadly Tumor That Affects Dogs

Hemangiosarcoma strikes like a lightning bolt. One minute your pet is fine and the next, he has collapsed from internal bleeding. As an oncologist, I rarely see this tumor until after the emergency ro…


Good Nutrition for Healthy Vegan Dogs

Many people are surprised to learn that not only can dogs enjoy vibrant health on a vegan diet, but just like people, their physical condition can actually improve as a result of eliminating animal fo…


Daily Cute: Cats on Waterbeds

If you're thinking to yourself right now...people still own water beds? That's probably what most of these cats are thinking as well. In addition to, why is this bed wiggling and how can I pounce on i…


5 Helpful Uses for Baking Soda In Your Pet Household

While you might find baking soda in the food section of grocery stores, there are also many great uses for it beyond the kitchen and keeping your fridge smelling clean. Baking soda, aka sodium bicarbo…


Daily Cute: Best Reaction to a Balloon Ever

You might have to watch this video a couple of times to get the pure brilliance of it. This cat's comedic timing is on point—the face, the eyes, the change in direction. All at the sight of a balloon.…


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