Cats vs Printers (3 cute videos)

We live in a digital age. Way back our pet cats had to learn to get along with horses and ride in a buggy. Then it was cars. Now they have to deal with computers and printers.

See how these three cats each interact with a printer, and let us know which is your favorite.

Cat Solves Printer Problem

This calico cat is on to something. The printer makes lots of noise but the paper doesnít feed.

The cat has had a lot of experience feeding, so she thinks she can help. Watch her try.

Sorry, sheís a cat not a nerd. Oh well, good try anyway.

The funny video on page 2 shows an even hungrier cat – or at least one who loves attacking and eating paper.

Photo credit: Easternblot

Marcus the Cat Ate My Homework

Well, hereís another solution to the printer paper problem.

It looks to me like the printer doesnít need working on; Marcus does. Hope your cat does better.

The cat on page 3 takes another tact altogether, he’s the supervisor, making sure the paper all comes out.

Photo credit: Im4t001

Feline Office Assistant

Maybe itís all about training. This cat watches the printer feed out the paper for a while, decides it needs a little help, and provides it.

If your cat did that, would you let him into the office when you are printing?

Photo credit: photofarmer

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.12 months ago

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LMj Sunshine

So cute!! 1st video gone..

LMj Sunshine

So cute!! 1st video gone..

Borg Drone
Past Member 4 years ago


Pat W.
Pat W4 years ago

not available

Elvina Andersson
Elvina A4 years ago

First one is not available but the other ones are so cute!

Elvina Andersson
Elvina A4 years ago

First one is not available but the other ones are so cute!

Sarah W.
Sarah W5 years ago

Very cute but I hope it's 100% recycled paper

Charles B.
Charles B5 years ago

not available...

Leslie G.
Leslie Griffin5 years ago

I have a cat who also has a printer obsession. Fortunately for me, she's not destructive to the paper, just very very curious.