Happy Cake Day

Pies tend to get most of the attention this time of year, but there’s another dessert to celebrate this month — cake! November 26 is National Cake Day. And who are we to ignore such a worthy holiday? True, some of us in the U.S. may still be recovering from a Thanksgiving food coma, but there’s no harm in perusing some cake recipes. Here are a few scrumptious treats from the archives.

Pumpkin and spice give this chocolate cake a holiday feel.

Recipe: Chocolate Pumpkin Bundt Cake

Here are two options for a love-filled cake. First, a Portugese/Sri Lankan cake rumored to have romantic powers, plus an Aphrodisiac Bailey’s Chocolate Cake. Yum!

Recipe: Magic Love Cakes

This fruity flourless cake is a favorite of Healthy & Green Living editor, Melissa Breyer, and never fails to elicit oohs, ahs, and recipe requests.

Recipe: Clementine Cake

Fine polenta, otherwise known as cornmeal, adds a rich texture and pale yellow color to this dense, moist cake.

Recipe: Lemon Polenta Cake

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Johnny Appleseed Cake
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Butternut Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting


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