Why Women Shouldn’t Ignore This Holiday

My family of birth lives 3,000 miles away. But, my family of choice lives within 40 miles. They are four sensational women, and we are in a “Womens’ Group” together that meets monthly for a vegetarian potluck meal combined with four to five hours of intimate conversation.

August 1st is National Girlfriend’s Day, so I’m taking the time to share how grateful I am for them. The quote below, by author and political activist for women’s voting rights Louise Bernkow, says it all.

“Female friendships that work are relationships in which women help each other belong to themselves.”

- Louise Bernikow

Womens' Group with Alisa K., Deb E., Linda L., Lisa S., Elisabeth M.

The picture above was a selfie taken at our annual weekend away. That weekend is always one of my best of the year, filled with connecting conversations, great food, leisurely walks on the beach, no life responsibilities, laughter galore and maybe a few tears. My time with my girlfriends is cherished, sacred time. Without that connecting time, I wouldn’t feel grounded and balanced. We’ve been through so many life passages together… marriages, divorces, children, breakups, death of parents and loved ones, job changes, parenting challenges, illnesses, etc. Sometimes I think they know me better than I know myself. They can see when I’m repeating harmful patterns in my life and call me on it in such a tender, loving way that helps me redirect.

National Girlfriends Day is not only a day to celebrate your girlfriends, but any women in your life who you cherish and enjoy spending time with. It could be your mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin or the first friend you made in kindergarten. Take some time to honor their presence in your life and feel grateful for your connection.

Who are the women in your life that you are honoring today?

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Stevie A.
Stevie A.1 years ago

My level of social need is way below that of my husband. So, for the 20 years we've been together, whenever I had a chance to be alone by myself at home, I was grateful for it. Along the way, I lost touch with many of my friends - even those that I talked to on the phone. Recently, I found a friend from college online and am so pleased. She is as eager to be in touch as I am. Oh, and my husband and I are living separately right now. Coincidence? I think not.

Nancy Gizuk
Nancy Gizuk2 years ago

I do wish we lived closer together. Get togethers have become increasingly difficult.

Helga Ganguly
Helga Ganguly2 years ago

Not everyone has the luxury of friends. You marry,blindly following your husband and before you can say "3 kids and no job experience" you are irrelevant,unknown by one and all. I have been asked if I was my own cleaning lady.

Tanya W.
Tanya W.2 years ago


Tanya W.
Tanya W.2 years ago


Melanie L.
Melanie L.2 years ago


Emma S.
Emma S.2 years ago

I missed it (and hadn't heard of it before). But I'm catching up with my closest female friend this evening, so we shall celebrate!

june t.
june t.2 years ago

how about "friends" day to include everybody

Leia P.
Leia P.2 years ago


Muff-Anne York-Haley

Girlfriends are great:))