99 Percent of Children Show Pesticide Exposure

The long-term health effects of organophosphorous (OP) pesticide exposure in children is unknown, yet a recent study published in Environmental Health Perspectives found that 99 percent of preschool children in Seattle had a metabolite of OP exposure. The researchers found no significant difference in the children related to “season, community, sex, age, family income, or housing type.” The University of Washington study concluded that while much of this exposure was likely due to diet, garden pesticide use also was linked to the elevated metabolites, and recommended that OP pesticide use be avoided where children play. For the full abstract, click here.

What You Can Do

You can join the growing ranks of parents who Just Say No to pesticide use. Here are some hands-on tips from Care2 for safer alternatives:

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The Care2 “Garden” channel offers many tips such
as these for less toxic pest control.
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David Nuttle
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If my information is correct, the EPA just approved 2-4-D 50 (w/ dioxin) for use as a new herbicide in helping grow GM/ GMO crops. This is reportedly the most deadly and dangerous poison ever developed and used by man ... and our children will probably suffer from its use. Research at Purdue Univ. has established that the glyphosate in Monsanto's herbicide Roundup may be causing sterility in females (animals & human). Only those people hoping that man will soon act to destroy all life on this planet can be "cheering."

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