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One Way We Can Help Stop Animal Abuse at the Circus

A lot of the petitions featured on Care2 address animal issues. Recently, we witnessed the power that a small, but targeted local petition can have over helping save animals lives in a Swiss Zoo. Care…


What’s Hershey’s Hiding? Care2 Member Asks Them to Reveal Their Cocoa Sources

Care2 member Ben Zhang says "Child labour and slavery are huge crimes against humanity," and of course, he's right. He's launched a petition drive to pressure The Hershey Company, maker of iconic Hers…


Too Much Candy Corn Harms Your Brain

Disturbing news if you've been gobbling down candy corn like there's no tomorrow: high consumption of sugar, namely high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), has been associated with memory disfunction and bra…


Worst Halloween Candy for Your Teeth (+ Better Options)

Mmmm…sticky, gooey Halloween candies are often the favorites treats of little ghost and goblins. They're fun, but these Mouth Monsters can really do a number of your children's teeth. That's because g…


Décor ‘Knockoffs’ Are Nifty, Newsy and Eco-Friendly

For most homeowners, shopping for home decor is fun. However, do-it-yourself is even more fun … plus it's cheaper and greener! As the crafting movement grows increasingly popular, more and more hand…


5 Natural Remedies for Congestion

Whether you're coping with fall allergies or got hit with your first cold-weather ick, congestion can really knock you off your game. A stuffy nose is annoying during the day, but congestion and post-…


7 Fun & Natural Autumn Decor Ideas

Gourds, twigs, apples, acorns -- the harvest season is here. But put your wallet away. Ditch the store-bought hangings, artificially scented candles, and plastic maple wreaths. There are cheaper, more…


Steve Jobs Limited His Kids’ Tech Use (& We Should Too)

Almost 40% of American 2-4 year-olds and over 50% of 5-8 year-olds have used an iPad, iPhone, or similar device. That is a staggering number. Some claim that using these devices can augment a child…


37 Simple Pleasures You Can’t Buy with Cash

Money. It’s a subject that is on everyone’s mind much of the time – how to get it, what to do with it, and how to manage if you don’t have enough of it. True, legal tender is a necessity of modern lif…


Easy, Safe and Eco-Friendly Halloween Costumes for Kids

Halloween is one of the most thrilling days of the year for young children. And of course, the main focus of all the excitement is choosing a really fantastic outfit to dress up in. As a parent, you…


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Pets are amazing! I love mine so much xx

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Sounds yummy. Thanks for sharing.

i like my dogs better than most of the people i know.

Oh my cats have all judged me on occasion. ; P Of course, they usually pronounce me guilty of pr…