Choose Gifts from Your Heart Meditation

A joy and a challenge of the holiday season is choosing what gift to give any one person. Often, of course, the solution presents itself as you browse through stores. But there are always challenges (teenagers and those people who “have everything” come to mind). What to do for them?

This heart meditation connects you to the place in yourself that connects to those you love–your heart! It is in your heart that you hold the knowledge about what gift will be the most needed and valued by them. In doing the meditation you may learn something about the person you didnít quite realize, and the meditation brings that awareness into perfect focus, enabling you to find them the perfect gift.

Choosing A Gift From Your Heart Meditation

Sit quietly.

Ask your heart to open with gratitude to all the sacred directions.

Ask to be grounded deep into the Earth.

Ask for all that needs to be released be released to Earthís gravity.

Ask that you be filled with the light of love.

Sit for a bit.

When you are ready, bring the person to whom you are giving a gift into your mind’s eye. Ask your heart for a picture or message about what gift would be of value to the person.

Once you have your answer, express gratitude to all for the assistance.

By Annie B. Bond


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