Conquer Clutter in One Month (Infographic)

Clutter can seem unsurmountable. But there are tricks to conquering it! If remote controls, keys and magazines are scattered on table surfaces, bring them together in a decorative bowl or basket.

The infographic below outlines how to tackle a mountain of clutter and reclaim a living space — in one month. It can be done, and it’s worth the time investment!

Conquer Clutter in a Month by Terrys Fabrics
Conquer Clutter in a Month by Terrys Fabrics.

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Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson2 years ago

how does clutter happen? just put things where they go!

Ida Gian
Ida Gian3 years ago


Norma V.
Norma Villarreal3 years ago

A good place to month? de-cluttering is an ongoing process, but it is great to get that energy flowing!

Angelene B.
Angelene B.3 years ago


Natasha Salgado
Natasha salgado3 years ago

Thank you!

Bill and Katie D.
Katie D.3 years ago

All are good ideas! Thank You

B Jackson
BJ J.3 years ago

Non stop job.

Vicky P.
Vicky P.3 years ago


Mary B.
Mary B.3 years ago

Instead of throwing away unused portions of shampoo or lotion, combine them in a decrative bottle. Please don't waste.

Roxana Cortijo
Roxana Cortijo3 years ago

Great tips, thanks.