Cockatiel Sings to Bunny (video)

Chibbi, the cockatiel crooner, serenades Dora with theme songs from Star Wars and Jeopardy. Is Dora impressed by these romantic tunes? Watch to find out.

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Fi T.
Fi T.7 months ago

Angel songs

Naomi Dreyer
Naomi Dreyer7 months ago

Talented bird - the rabbit couldn't care less.

Amy K.
Amy K.7 months ago


Elena Poensgen
Elena Poensgen7 months ago

Thank you

s Gardner
sandy Gardner7 months ago


s Gardner
sandy Gardner7 months ago

They re so cute!

dagmar karin dag
dagmar karin dag7 months ago

Son encantadores,muchas gracias

Pat P.
Pat P.7 months ago

I like cockatiels and love bunnies, but most people (not saying it's the case here) don't realize how sensitive and skiddish they are. After all, they are a prey animal of almost every creature on earth, including and especially humans--and yet, so adorable and sweet!

Maxine Stopfer
Maxine Stopfer7 months ago

Love these cute videos. Keep them coming and kudos to all.

Karen S.
Karen S.1 years ago

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