Compassion: A Healerís Notes

A hands-on energy healerís terrain is an unusual one; they traverse the landscapes of the spirit. What do they see there? What do they encompass into themselves to bring healing? Hereís a provocative blog offering insight and a description about the experience by spiritual healer Kate DeChard:

Deeper into the void, I travel, leaving the need for markers behind. In glimpses, the elusive nature of anotherís truth lingers beyond the edges of the garden wall. I know this place and yet, seeking more, I touch the walls with outstretched hands, leaning closer to smell the moss and weeping damp of clinging shadow.

I invoke Kwan Yin. Standing, for this moment in a circle of grace, the layers of consciousness held within the template of the human form reveal themselves. Separation falls away and I am swept away in a river of tears.

Intention creates passage into the space of the heart where I am I and yet not. Where I see and hear and become and yet do not. Where I stand within and observe and am not either the observer or the observed. This place where the river of tears flows both for and with and beyond the wounds revealed. This territory of the heart I explore with awe and wonder. Standing as I did, within the grace of anotherís heart for a moment, I travel beyond the limited power of words to explain. Yet the need for words seems clear if for no other reason than to mark this day February 5, 2006, when the true nature of Compassion was revealed to me.

Kate DeChard, February 5th, 2006
The Soul Sanctuary

Introducing a blog by healer Kate DeChard.


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