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Could You Have a Sulfur Deficiency?

Now, when a baby is born of a mother who has high cholesterol and low cholesterol sulfate, the baby’s cholesterol will be low, but will also have fatty deposits in its arteries…despite the fact that fatty deposits are supposed to be associated with high cholesterol.

“The deposits are there, I think, to start this cholesterol sulfate program that’s replacing the one that isn’t happening…” Dr. Senneff explains. “Children who have adequate cholesterol sulfate delivered from their mother do not have fatty deposits… It’s bizarre, but the high cholesterol associated with fatty deposits in the adult (that’s causing heart disease) is a solution, not a cause.”

This is a complete turnaround in thinking compared to the conventional paradigm!


“The worst thing you can do is to clobber the LDL… because you’re going to end up with heart failure,” Dr. Seneff says.

Dietary Sources of Sulfur

Sulfur is derived almost exclusively from dietary protein, such as fish and high-quality (organic and/or grass-fed/pastured) beef and poultry. Meat and fish are considered “complete” as they contain all the sulfur-containing amino acids you need to produce new protein. Needless to say, those who abstain from animal protein are placing themselves at far greater risk of sulfur deficiency.

Coconut oil and olive oil also contain sulfur (and are ideal sources of healthful saturated fats too). Other dietary sources that contain small amounts of sulfur IF the food was grown in soil that contains adequate amounts of sulfur, include:

  • Organic pastured eggs
  • Legumes
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Asparagus
  • Kale
  • Wheat germ

Any diet high in grains and processed foods is likely to be deficient in sulfur, because once whole foods are processed, sulfur is lost. Additionally, soils around the world are becoming increasingly sulfur-depleted, resulting in less sulfur-rich foods overall. Hard water also tends to contain more sulfur than soft water, which, according to Dr. Seneff, may be why people who drink soft water are at greater risk of developing heart disease.

In addition to making sure you’re getting high amounts of sulfur-rich foods in your diet, Dr. Seneff recommends soaking your body in magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) baths to compensate and counteract sulfur deficiency. She uses about cup in a tub of water, twice a week. It’s particularly useful if you have joint problems or arthritis.

As for supplements, methylsulfonylmethane, commonly known by its acronym, MSM, is an option. MSM is an organic form of sulfur and a potent antioxidant, naturally found in many plants.

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Dr. Mercola

Dr. Mercola has been passionate about health and technology for most of his life. As a doctor of osteopathic medicine, he treated many thousands of patients for over 20 years. In the mid 90s he integrated his passion for natural health with modern technology via the internet and developed a website, to spread the word about natural ways to achieve optimal health.


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9:05AM PST on Jan 10, 2012


1:56AM PST on Jan 10, 2012

Great and informative article!! Everyone needs to read this. I knew about the cholesterol/liver connection and to never take medication to lower high cholesterol but had never had it put to me in such an easy to understand way. I live in New Zealand, where we have a very high skin cancer rate and we have it pushed down our throats to not go outside even on cloudy days without sunblock and being covered up. It has always felt wrong to me, as I feel the sun is a healing force, so I have compromised. I never use sunblock but avoid being outside when the sun is at its hottest 11am - 3 pm. Other than that I get as much as I can and although I have very fair skin I don't get burnt. Really, great read. Thank You :)

8:01AM PST on Jan 9, 2012

Good article. I don't use sunscreen and get outside when I can. My mother is a problem though, 84, wheelchair bound, mid level -Alzheimer's. She pretty much lives upstairs in her bedroom suite. Since getting downstairs for me to take her outside is next to impossible, I keep the windows in her room open for sunlight. We live in southern California, plenty of sunshine. I sthis enough? Does glass inhibit D absorption?

4:30PM PST on Jan 8, 2012

Again, big accolades to Dr. Mercola for bringing this to our attention.

I wish this article would be featured on care2's home page, but I suspect that is will not because the recommendation to get all of the sulfur your body needs from eating fish and meat won't be liked by all of the militant vegans.

11:37AM PST on Jan 7, 2012

So why don't more doctors know about this? Does this mean I should stop taking my statin? Also epsom salt baths are not recomended for people with high blood pressure. Ask your doctor if it's safe for you before using it.
As for getting sun in the winter, sit by a sunny window.

7:44PM PST on Jan 5, 2012

Great article!

6:13PM PST on Jan 5, 2012

interesting, thanks

9:54AM PST on Jan 5, 2012

@Beverly Sun exposure is for the sake of vitamin D. Vitamin D by the government is put in various food products such as milk. This is a vitamin that will show up on a label so you can see how much of it is in the product. Also eating tuna is another rich source of Vitamin D.

9:39AM PST on Jan 5, 2012

This all makes a lot of sense to me, especially since my mother has heart failure, and seems to do all of the "wrong" things mentioned.
I am definately upping sulfur-rich foods, but the sun exposure when it's 20 degrees, how is that possible?

4:53AM PST on Jan 5, 2012

Interesting. Thanks.

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