Cozy Cat — Photo Caption Winners!

Last week, we asked you to caption this cozy cat. Now, we present our top five favorite captions!

First, the grand prize winner, who will receive 5,000 Butterfly Rewards for her clever caption:

  • “Mission Log, Day 51. The dog still has no clue.” — Dakota D.

    And here are four more of our favorite captions:

  • “If I don’t move you don’t have to make the bed!” — Gloria P.
  • “You wouldn’t buy me a kitty-sized Snuggie so this will have to do.” — James K.
  • “SHHHH, I’m helping Mom make an afghan for Grandma.” – Terry V.
  • “Have they stopped talking about the election yet?” — Joseph G.

Many thanks to everyone who submitted a caption, and we hope you tune in for more Care2 Caption Contests, for the chance to win recognition and Butterfly Rewards!

Photo Credit: Claudia M.

Got a cute or funny pet photo of your own that needs a caption? Submit your photos to!

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Elisa F.
Elisa F.3 years ago

Cute Kitty and Clever Captions...Congrats to All :)

Mary E.
Mary E.3 years ago

Love the winning caption, though all were pretty clever :)

Stephanie Reap
Stephanie Reap3 years ago

The winner's caption is great!!

Valentina R.
Valentina R.3 years ago

Love the winner's caption.

Kay M.
Kay M.3 years ago

awe - cute pic and quotes.

Melinda K.
Past Member 3 years ago

cute photo, good captions!

Oana Ionete
yonette VO3 years ago

So sweet cat in a cozy bed!

Stella Gamboni
Stella Gamboni3 years ago


Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Terry V.
Terry V.4 years ago

Thank you very much!!!