Cute Animation Explains Coral Reefs (Video)

By Jaymi Heimbuch, TreeHugger

World Resources Institute has created a great short video that explains what coral reefs are, why they’re so important, and the threats we’re posing to their health.

It’s a wonderful introduction to the range of problems facing reefs and the range of solutions we have at our fingertips. It’s perfect for school kids — indeed, every teacher could take this video up as a tool for instructing kids on ocean biology, environmental issues, and social activism.

If you have anyone in your life who isn’t yet aware of the value of coral reefs and how they can help, this short is an excellent discussion starter.


75% of Earth’s Coral Reefs Threatened
Protect the World’s Coral Reefs
Corals Are Dying — From Herpes?!

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JL A.2 years ago

good information

Jennifer C.
Past Member 2 years ago


Marcel Elschot
Marcel Elschot2 years ago

Thanks for sharing

Ana R2 years ago

great video...

Lydia Weissmuller Price

I agree...this should be used in all the schools. It would also make a great informative commercial for tv.

Aud Nordby
Aud nordby2 years ago


Nona E.
Nona E.2 years ago

Agree that it's very important to get simple to understand videos, etc. in the school system. And it was informative for me, too!

Melania Padilla
Melania Padilla3 years ago

Thanks, sharing this!

Benoit W.
Benoit W.3 years ago

Great animation with understable "sous-titre" thanks!

Barb Hansen
Ba H.3 years ago

wonderful, thanks