Dandelion for Spring Detox

Dandelion, “the tooth of the lion,” is a good springtime healer.

Whether the dandelion is a native of North America or a naturalized plant is debated by authorities; either way it is found and eaten in most parts of the world. All parts of the dandelion are used, either for food or medicinal purposes the leaves and crowns for salads and cooked greens, the flowers for making wine, and the juice for warts and blisters.

Always use organic dandelion plants!

The dandelion root is a blood and kidney cleaner and tonic, as well as a diuretic. It can be used as a general cleansing stimulant for the liver. Both the dried leaves and the dried and powdered root are used as a bitter tea. This tea is for any malfunction of the liver. Fresh dandelion leaves or dried root are valuable additions to a diet for people with diabetes and hepatitis. (Check with your naturopathic physician before taking any herbal remedies for such illness.

The main benefit of this great herb is to enhance the function of the liver, but the root is also useful for clearing obstructions of the spleen, pancreas, gallbladder, and kidneys. It is of tremendous benefit to the stomach and intestines, balancing the enzymes that simultaneously benefit digestion, assimilation, and elimination.

4 cups pure water
6 tablespoons. dried dandelion root (1 year old minimum)
6 tablespoons dried dandelion leaf (double amount if fresh)

Simmer the dandelion root in the water, uncovered, for 20 minutes, then strain the liquid over the dandelion leaf. Cover tightly and steep for another 20 minutes; strain the tea again.

Adapted from The Seasonal Detox Diet, Remedies from the Ancient Cookfire,/I> by Carrie L'Esperance. Copyright (c) 2001 by Carrie L'Esperance. Reprinted by permission of Healing Arts Press.
Adapted from The Seasonal Detox Diet, Remedies from the Ancient Cookfire, by Carrie L'Esperance


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Janet D4 years ago

I am type 2 diabetic with polycystic kidney disease. In March I started drinking nettle tea and dandelion tea. Because my kidneys can't filter out toxins as well as they used to, I looked for herbs that help purify the blood and these two are said to do that along with boosting liver function. Seems they work. In 2 months time my creatnin decresed by .6 points and my BUN decreased by 16 points - all I changed was drinking these teas daily, sometimes together, sometimes alternately. My diabetic neuropathy is better and my kidneys, back, and joints don't have pain like they used to.

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Read somewhere that research is being done with dendelions as a cure for cancer.

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