Pans of Horror: The Dangers of Teflon

The EPA urges a teflon chemical ban and is requesting voluntary compliance from companies. Teflon-coated products include cookware, water- and stain-resistant clothing and furnishings, cosmetics and more, could be a serious health risk to young girls and women of childbearing age. The concern is an increase in birth defects and reproductive problems.

My family fry pan is made of Teflon, and although I’d heard some concern about Teflon in the past, it was regarding Teflon particles lodging in the stomach, and I filed it away and decided not to worry about it because I like the pan. Oh my. The pan is gone now. Better safe than sorry.

Find out why I tossed my favorite fry pan so you can protect you and your family too:

Teflon is a member of a family of chemicals called “perfluorochemicals” (PFCs). According to the Environmental Working Group, the nonprofit advocacy organization who initiated the breaking of the story, “PFCs virtually never breaks down in the environment and has been found to contaminate most of the US population, including 92 percent of children tested to date.” Link to Environmental Working Group for the full story:

By Annie B. Bond


Ruth R.
Ruth R5 years ago

Thank You. Shared.

K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Lisa A.
Lisa A7 years ago

well I am a bit confused really now. how do you know what is safe to use? what would be wrong with the cast iron?

Jo Zelaney
Jo Zelaney7 years ago

No....dont use cast iron. Use either stainless steel or there are some new products out there that are suposedly safe... the one I bought is called Earth Chef...good luck!

Lisa A.
Lisa A8 years ago

thanks-I never realized what teflon was used on other things. Is the alluminin the same way? thanks for your reply.

Meredith H.
Meredith H8 years ago

I found that the best prices on cast iron is at Cabelas. I already hace lots of cast iron including a dutch oven with legs I got for $2 at a yard sale that was brand new. Hint fot washing is never use soap, use a copper scrub and put it back o the heat to dry.
Question I have is about teflon. They use it in carpets to repel stains. What about the other uses of teflon?

Lisa A.
Lisa A8 years ago

so is the only thing safe to use is the cast iron stuff?