Delicious Vegan Fruit Pie (video)

This has to be the healthiest recipe you’ll find when in need of a delicious fruit pie faaast… A raw crust made from nuts and dates holds a fruit compote that will salvage these ripe (possibly sad-looking) fruits you may have lying around. But first, follow me for a brief visit at my favorite market…

Happy cooking!


Past Member about a year ago

fruit... now we're TALKING.

Fi T.
Fi T.about a year ago

There're always ideas to eat healthily if we care

Diane K.
Diane K.2 years ago

Bring on the healthy happy desserts!

Lupe Guerra
Lupe Guerra3 years ago

Love this; thanks!

Grace F.
Grace F.4 years ago

I'm a vegan, so I will use this recipe! thank you!

Cynthia Mattera
Cynthia Mattera4 years ago

Christopher, A "Vegan pie" means no animal products are used to make the pie fiilling or the crust, such as butter or eggs .

Victoria M.
Past Member 4 years ago


Diane S.
Diane S.4 years ago

By the way Laetitia, the pie looks delicious ! Merci : )

Diane S.
Diane S.4 years ago

To Christopher,
Pies are commonly made with dairy products !
That is why this pie is called a VEGAN PIE !

Randi L.
Randi Levin4 years ago

YEs this pie looks great but the crust is ridiculously expensive.
Dates are great as are nuts, but to help save funds during the holidays pie crusts can be made with plain old affordable canola oil---just add a bit more flour and water or see Baking at High Altitude for the recipe----yes it works at sea level too.