When Cats Use Potted Plants as a Litter Box

The soft, dark soil of your potted plants looks like such a nifty place for your kitty to leave her little offerings that even the best-behaved cat will sometimes develop a yen for using the spider plant to make her deposits. But there are some simple fixes for this common kitty mistake.

Find out how to keep your cat out of the potted plants, here:

Just cover the potted soil with aluminum foil (cats hate the texture) or a cardboard cover with watering holes.

Adapted from The Kitten Owner’s Manual, by Arden Moore (Storey Books, 2001). Copyright (c) 2001 by Arden Moore. Reprinted by permission of Storey Books.
Adapted from The Kitten Owner’s Manual, by Arden Moore (Storey Books, 2001).


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thank you for sharing

Natasha Salgado
natasha salgado3 years ago

I plant cat grass throughout the garden and that's all they have interest in!!! It really works. Thanks

Lydia Price

I especially liked Meg's ideas, because I was wondering as I was reading "Wouldn't aluminum foil or cardboard make mold grow?" I know that the soil needs to air out, and the roots need oxygen too. Thanks, Meg!

Meg G.
Meg G.4 years ago

Other things to use - old wax/shiny present wrapping paper, as mentioned all ready attractive rocks or crystals, sharp gravel, on plants that love slightly acidic soil you can use pine needles as they are acidic.
Off cuts of lattice can look very attractive if your a bit handy with a saw. If the pots hold edible plants use untreated lattice.
If you have chipped or broken crockery put them in a bag smash them up and place around your plants.

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Pat W.4 years ago

good ideas

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Sue Matheson
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Took plants away.