DIY Custom Stenciled Lamp Shade

This simple 20-minute project can transform the look of a lamp from a plain, off-the-shelf piece to a high-end custom-designed statement. Use it to take your bedroom design to the next level and make it pop with a unique pattern of your choice.

DIY Stenciled Lamp Shade


  • ††Plain fabric lamp shade
  • ††Painterís tape
  • ††Latex paint (flat or matte finish)
  • ††Stiff bristled brush
  • ††Paper towels

DIY Stenciled Lamp Shade

Step 1:†Gather Your Supplies

The lamp shade she be removed from lamp for this process.

DIY Stenciled Lamp Shade

Step 2: Create Your Pattern with Tape

Apply painterís tape to lamp shade to form geometric shapes. In this case, the tape was applied in four rows of parallel angled lines, followed by six rows of vertical lines, creating staggered parallelograms.

DIY Stenciled Lamp Shade

Step 3:†Ready Your Brush

Apply matte paint to a stiff bristled brush and blot off the excess on paper towels. You want the brush to be relatively dry in order to avoid paint bleed on the fabric shade.

DIY Stenciled Lamp Shade

Step 4:†Paint the Pattern

Apply paint to the tape stencil, working from the tape towards the center of the shape. Do not apply the paint from the inside towards the tape, as it will force the paint under the tape and result in lines that arenít crisp.

DIY Stenciled Lamp Shade

Step 5: Remove the Tape

After the paint has dried, remove the tape in the reverse order that it was applied.

DIY Stenciled Lamp Shade

Step 6: Repeat the Pattern

If you want additional shapes on your lamp (or to repeat a pattern), repeat the process in other areas of the lamp shade. Once the first layer of paint is dried, you can apply the painterís tape on top of it.

Step 7: Plug It in and Enjoy!

The final result is a custom lamp shade that can be matched to any motif in the room.

As a mom of three and a DIYer,†Kim Six††likes to focus on projects that are budget friendly and easily doable, but also make her home more beautiful. Kim’s DIY was featured in†this article†that shows you how to personalize your space. You can also visit The Home Depot to view their selection of†desk lamps.

Photo Credit: TUBA SQUAD/Flickr


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