DIY Room Dividers

Sometimes to make the most out of a space, you need to create another space within it. Whether it be for a bedroom in a studio apartment, or an office in a loft, room dividers can make for instant walls, surmounting any limits the one-room dwelling may present. Here are a few ideas that we found particularly inspiring at Remodelista.

Above: The curtain system designer Scott Newkirk created in his Brooklyn loft is a genius and sleek way to divide a room–perfect for urban living spaces.

Above: Using floor-to-ceiling curtain made from burlap and suspended from standard-issue hospital curtain racks, Newkirk made a separation between the living room and bedroom. The neutral palette of the burlap compliments a variety of color schemes–it also allows plenty of light to shine through. Photos by Michael Mundy.

Above: To create a similar look, rolls of natural burlap can be found in various sizes from The Felt Store (left). Track systems, such as this Cubicle Curtain Track from Curtain Experts, also come in various sizes.

Above: Simply made with two wooden dowels and rope, Alwill Studio in Sidney made this unique divider screen–this works well for areas that do no require a great deal of privacy (such as this office space).

For more room divider ideas, check out Remodelista’s posts Divide and Conquer and DIY Sculptural Wood Wall.


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