Do What I Do, Not What I Say (video)

…and a child shall lead them. We’re used to telling children what to do, how to behave like adults. What if it is the other way round?

Watch this clever, upbeat commercial in which we see a little girl wiggling and shaking and jumping in her own version of dancing. It’s catching. A few adults start to imitate her. Then more. Then….

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Santanita G.
Santanita G.4 years ago

So very cute, reminded me to have some fun today. I loved it.

Erin  No news please
Erin R.5 years ago

Noted with thanks!

Lidia E Feliciano

Last night I acted in a very immature way.And my son reprimanded me.I felt like the child and him the adult.

Tessa D.
Tessa De Veras5 years ago

How beautiful to be free and innocent !!!!

Mr E.
Mr E.5 years ago

Cute, I guess, but I didn't know sharing ads and viral videos was the point of this site. Call me a newbie.

Jane L.
Jane L.5 years ago

OMG, I love this dance! I would love to dance like this every single day, first thing in the morning just to refresh! Hahaha...

um k.
um k.5 years ago

cute more people should just dance everyday esp in the street like musicals:)

Debbie W.
Past Member 5 years ago

Totally orchestrated, but clearly makes its point known ... children, pure and unconditional, before life removed all their innocence. What a wonderful world this would be if noted and daily reflected upon. Dream on.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L.5 years ago

Loved it.

Linda Tonner
Linda Tonner5 years ago

What is WRONG with you, people? (Bill Cosby I believe)

Whether the dance is choreographed or not. An advert or not. Paid for or not. ( I certainly hope they were paid) Contrived or not.
That little girl had rhythm, talent, moxie, chutzpa, careless abandon and most of all joy.

Stop with the negativity!