How to Remove Grease Stains From Any Surface

No matter where it’s lurking or what exactly it is, grease stains are particularly stubborn. There are plenty of tips out there on the best way to remove grease from your kitchen,  your skin, your clothes and your carpeting.  But what is really the best way to clean grease? Read on for tips and tricks, and share any of your own in the comments.


1. On Clothes.

Did you get a little messy in the kitchen and now your favorite top is covered in grease? No need to toss a perfectly good t-shirt or fork over your hard-earned cash at the dry cleaners — grease-stained clothing is totally, completely, salvageable. Pour a little dab of dish soap right onto the stain, rub it into the fabric with your fingers and let it soak. After about 15 minutes, toss it in the washing machine and launder as usual. If the stain is still there, repeat until it’s gone.

2. On Carpeting.

Dish soap will work well on your carpeting, too. Massage the soap into the stained area, rub with a damp paper towel or washcloth, and let it air dry.

3. In Your Kitchen.

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, one of the best ways to clean grease is… with more grease! In a small bowl, make a paste of vegetable oil and baking soda and apply it to greased-stained stovetops and wooden cabinets with a rag or paper towel. The mixture will cut grease just as well as those commercial cleaners, sans all of those harsh chemicals.

4. On Granite.

You’ll need to take extra care when removing grease stains from granite countertops, because grease stains can permanently damage the stone’s surface if not properly cared for. Stay away from anything acidic or abrasive. Instead, reach for nail polish remover or (you guessed it!) dish soap, and gently apply to the stain. If it’s still not coming off, you’re probably going to have to call in a professional.

5. On Your Skin.

Thoroughly removing grease from your hands can be a tricky proposition. Regular soap usually doesn’t do the job very well, and even heavy-duty scrubbing might not cut through all that oil. So what does work? Plain-old sugar! Both abrasive and soothing, cleaning your hands with a paste made of sugar and water will remove grease and baby your skin.

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Some helpful ideas here

Karen P.
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And as for the first tip, whatever happened to people wearing that wonderfully resourceful piece of apparel, the apron?

Natasha Rodriguez
Natasha R.about a year ago

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Elena Poensgenabout a year ago

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