Does Your Receipt Contain BPA?

Not too long ago, we talked about BPA in cash register receipts. The big problem with BPA in receipts is that it’s “free,” meaning it’s much easier to get a large amount on your skin than from something like a number 3 plastic bottle.

BPA is a hormone disruptor and is linked to other health concerns from cancer to digestive issues.

Until now, the best way to avoid BPA in receipts was to refuse any receipt printed on thermal paper. Thermal paper is the sort that’s a little slippery to the touch and doesn’t require ink to print.

Appleton Paper is the only company that makes BPA free thermal paper right now, and they’ve just announced that they’re adding red threads to their new paper, so that consumers can tell at a glance that it’s from Appleton.

The red fibers are cellulose rayon, which the company claims will biodegrade. I do wonder if the added rayon means that these receipts aren’t recyclable.

Looking for more ways to keep BPA out of your system? Check out 7 Best Ways to Avoid BPA.


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My goodness,its everywhere:(

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besides saving paper, this should help motivate people not to go for unneeded receipts

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Good to know, Thank You!

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This is almost like taking the lead out of paperwork. Thanks for the info.

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As usual care2 is way ahead of the game on this. I just got a notice from WebMD today about this and had not heard about it. Then when I searched care2, the first article was posted over 6 months ago! Way to go and thanks Becky for this vital information!

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Probably does, another carcinogenic to put on our endless list!

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thanx for posting.