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Ebola in Cats and Dogs: What We Know (And Don’t Know)

Raging across West Africa like the Grim Reaper, the horrific Ebola virus has already claimed 4,500 lives - and is showing no signs of slowing down. David Nabarro, the U.N. special envoy for Ebola, ann…


Formerly Blind Rescue Dog Sees Family After Surgery (Video)

Duffy the rescue dog struggled with his health for a long time. He developed blindness and diabetes, but after this surgery he's able to see his family for the first time in months. Watch Duffy's wa…


Part Chihuahua, Part Yoga Master (Video)

Yoga class is missing one very cute thing: a chihuahua! Since you won't find an adorable chihuahua practicing his moves at your local yoga studio, we thought we'd bring the cute to you instead. Enjo…


Do Dogs Feel Guilt?

I'm sure you're familiar with the Internet phenomenon of dog shaming: Photographing your guilty-looking dog and the mess he made with a hand-lettered placard announcing what the crime is ("I unrolle…


The Guiltiest Dogs We’ve Ever Seen (Video)

Watch the best of the best of guilty dog moments. Each dog is so adorable and we sympathize with the little troublemakers, but the very last clip is the icing on the cake! Related Breaking Up a…


Owner Refused to Pay $20 to Pick Up Blind Dog From Shelter (Video)

Jake the dog is worth more than twenty dollars. After he ended up at a shelter, his owner wouldn't even pay the small fee to retrieve him. Luckily, Jake's future is brighter than a life with an owne…


10 Dog Breeds That Live Long Lives

We all want our dogs to share our lives for many years. Whether that happens depends in large part on factors such as great nutrition and veterinary care, not to mention protection from accidents s…


Top 3 Health Benefits of Pumpkin for Dogs and Cats

Your dog or cat may be curious about the pumpkins sitting on your front porch. It's already Halloween, and your pumpkin may be beautifully carved, but might also be collecting bacteria. While it's bes…


Peanut the Dachshund Just Won’t Quit His Nap (Video)

Peanut is the sweetest when he wakes up from his nap. Watch his belly-up body language that lets you know he's not planning to move any time soon. And, after this video, we think we'll let him stay …


Did You RSVP to the Snuggle Party? These Puppies Did (Video)

Two fuzzy puppies hugging and kissing in warm blankets. Don't even pretend this hasn't completely hypnotized you. It's just too cute! Related 24 Common Plants Poisonous to Pets 5 Solutions for …


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Heartwarming, so sweet to see a loyal bonding develop between this tot and the husky.

Personally I respect everyone's right to die if they choose. Many diseases make life horribly painfu…

aloha, the saddest thing is her not trying Dr. Burzynski's nontoxic amino acid therapy. His therapy …

thanks!!! I didn't know about the dental floss :-(

I hope the dog is called Robin!