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These Puppies Can Walk Fine. Unless Stairs Are Involved (Video)

When you're still a pup, the most basic things turn your world upside down. Watch each puppy's unique struggle with stairs. One puppy even falls asleep on his stair. Maybe we should start doing this…


Can a Sport Save a Dog’s Life?

In June of 2014, Manja, a 10 and 1/2 year-old, high-spirited Sheltie, suffered a stroke or a seizure. At the time of the debilitating episode, she was already qualified for the Cynosport World Agility…


Munchkin Runs in His Teddy Bear Costume & It’s Amazing (Video)

We've never seen a cuter (not to mention humane!) dog costume. Muchkin the Shih Tzu was born to wear this fabulous outfit for Halloween. Watch his teddy bear arms flap in the wind as this little gre…


7 Things People Do That Dogs Hate

We love our dogs and consider them family. But that doesn't mean they appreciate everything humans enjoy. As responsible pet parents, it's important for us to learn their 4-legged language and communi…


Foster Parents Create Video to Help NY Pup Get Adopted

Who wouldn't want to adopt this happy pup? Zelda is one of New York City's finest foster dogs. But, what's even more impressive, are the foster parents that take animals in, train and love them, a…


10 People-Pleasing Dog Breeds

You know the type. They're happy. They love to greet people. And their smiling eyes and wagging tails always bring attention their way. Why wouldn't you love them back? Certain breeds are famed f…


Bulldog Puppy Brings New Life to Dog With Cancer

In 2012, Stacey Brill adopted her 7-year-old Bulldog, Jordy, from a breed rescue. The good-natured dog has since passed AKC's Canine Good Citizen test and earned his therapy certification. But, last…


The 3 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds May Surprise You

A lot of Care2 readers already know that some bigger dogs, like Pit Bulls, are misunderstood and unfairly labeled as aggressive breeds. So what are the most aggressive dog breeds? I came across a stud…


Little Girl Plays Hide & Seek With Giant Fluffy Dog (Video)

How do you make anything better? Throw a dog into the mix. Hide and seek was okay, until a dog joined the game. Now it's amazing. May we also point out that the dog is actually really good at it? Go…


Best & Worst Spots to Pet a Dog– Plus: How It Benefits Your Health

Touch between a human and a dog can have therapeutic benefits for both species. In humans, petting a dog can trigger the release of the bonding hormone oxytocin. Touch also serves to soothe a mi…


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