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In September I attended Blog Paws West in Denver, a conference for Pet Bloggers. It was a truly inspirational event. My life felt transformed when I heard a panel of women speaking that represented ďBe the Change for Pets.Ē I realized during that session how much one person can make a difference in the life of many animals. Meeting hundreds of† people at BlogPaws West that were making a huge difference in the lives of animals was humbling, to put it mildly.

Personally, as co-founder of Through a Dogís Ear, my mission is to improve the lives of dogs worldwide by providing sound therapy to canines that calms their nervous systems and relieves anxiety issues. We donate music to shelters and rescue groups internationally and have heard from many shelters how much of a quieter environment is being created. Visitors stay longer, staff and volunteers are focused and more productive, dogs are comforted and calmer, and adoptions are increasing in those shelters.

Helping shelter animals is near and dear to my heart. So, when I read a few days ago that Anthony Holloway, Founder and President of K9 Cuisine, was planning on donating 5,000 lbs of dog food to shelters if the K9Cuisine Facebook page reached 5,000 fans by October 31, I decided that I wanted to help. I had the pleasure of meeting Anthony at BlogPaws in person, although we originally met on social media when I noticed his clever tweets on twitter. K9Cuisine is a a company dedicated to shipping premium organic dog food and treats with stellar customer service.

I spoke with Anthony this morning and asked him about his desire to help shelter animals. Anthony told me about Daisy, his Yellow Lab that his family adopted from a shelter. Since starting his company three years ago, he regularly donates to shelters and also to dogs in need of food after catastrophic events. They donated 15 thousand pounds of food to dogs affected by Hurricane Ike in Houston. When the recession hit Illinois, his company teamed with Wellness and donated 25,000 pounds of dog food to people that otherwise couldnít afford to keep their pets. Keeping dogs out of shelters in the first place is a personal mission of his. Anthony shared that the challenging work people do for shelters and rescue organizations often goes unnoticed. He couldnít imagine having to deal with life and death issues for dogs daily. Donating dog food is the least he feels he can do. Itís important that all of his donations are really not about his company, but that itís about the dogs. He wants the focus to stay with the pets in need.

When I first looked at the K9Cuisine Facebook page on October 27, I noticed about 2,500 fans. Four days to reach 5,000 fans so that 5,000 lbs. of high quality dog food could be donated to shelters and rescues. Thatís a stretch, I thought, but possible. When I spoke to Anthony on the morning of October 28, I asked him how many fans he had when he started this initiative. His answer: 230 on October 1st. Wow, that was a much lower number than I expected to hear. At the time of this writing on October 28, there are 3,514 fans. Letís help K9 Cuisine reach 5,000 fans by the end of the day on October 31. When you click here and ďLikeĒ their Facebook page, you will help provide 21,551 cups of organic, grain free dog food to shelters. Thatís an awful lot of tail wagging during 21,551 meals delivered to dogs. Anthony isn’t kidding when he says his company is “Delivering Love, One Bag at a Time.”

What do you do that helps improve the lives of animals, whether it’s your own or animals looking for their forever homes? Thanks for posting your comments below.
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Sasha M.
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awesome! keep on sharing

Helen l.
Helen l.5 years ago

I can not find the click place for the dog food.

Justine Schulz
Justine Schulz5 years ago

I click every day when I can. There is another website in South Africa that donates with a click so please click there also.

Alicia N.
Alicia N.5 years ago

clicked with thanks.

Ruth R.
Ruth R.5 years ago

Thank You. I did click on the Like at the top of the page. Did that work.

Ramona C.
Ramona Manea5 years ago

I would give my meal to a dog...not just a click:)

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Tamila mendoza
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Tamila mendoza
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Debrahanna Esposito

awesome! keep on sharing