Dry Shampoo Formula? Ask Annie

Dear Annie,
I have a sick dog and he is a breed that is prone to greasy hair. Given that he is sick and he hates baths I don’t want to submit him to one. Do you have a dry shampoo formula that I can work? He is looking very unsightly now that he is too sick to groom himself –Carolyn, D.C.

Dear Carolyn,
I remember when I was in the hospital after my appendix were taken out when I was in fifth grade, and I had to “wash” my hair with a dry shampoo. It had a horrible smell if I remember. Here, however, is a basic dry shampoo formula from my book Better Basics for the Home that has no scent (unless you want to add 405 drops of an essential oil yourself, but I’d be careful with scents at all because dogs have very sensitive noses).

While I am giving this formula to you for a dog, it can be used on humans and cats!

Basic Dry Shampoo Formula
� cups each cornmeal (or other flour), almond meal, and orris root powder (available in health food stores or from herbalists).

Combine the ingredients in a glass jar. Shake to blend. Dust the powder into the hair, leave it on for an hour, then brush it out.

This only takes a few minutes, and if you keep it in a glass jar with a screw top it will last for months.


Kamia C.
Kamia T1 years ago

Believe it or not, most dogs' coats are NOT meant to be washed obsessively over and over again. Think of wolves in the wild, except in snow or rain, they don't get cleaned. The oil is probably natural to the breed. I don't know of a single dog that is going to sick quietly with the dry-shampoo "gunk" in their coat for an hour before they start trying to lick it out. Not a good idea IMHO.

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Tanya W.
Tanya W3 years ago

Hope your puppy is better.

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Bmr Reddy
Bmr R3 years ago

Thanks Annie

Val M.
Val M3 years ago

Thanks - will try this.

Nimue Pendragon
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Thank you, Annie :)

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Thank you :)

Natasha Salgado
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Cool,i gotta try it,thanks.